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How do I create a profile at

You can easily create your own Fashionista Cafe profile by creating a username and password. We recommend that you use your email address as your username. Please make sure that your password is at least 6 characters.



You will find general information, production details and the Fashionista Cafe Code of Conduct here.


Why should I create a user profile at Fashionista Cafe?

When you create a user profile at Fashionista Cafe, you’ll be able to shop, engage with our international community and participate to our blog.


I forgot my password / username - can you help me?

If you forgot your password, just click the "Forgot password" link and we will send you an automated email with information on how to reset your password. A forgotten username can be retrieved directly via email.


I responded to an email and/or online questionnaire to enter a contest. Is this an Fashionista Cafe initiative or is it fraudulent?

All Fashionista Cafe campaigns are promoted through our website. Fashionista Cafe cautions you to read the fine print and legal disclaimers when entering online contests. You will note in most situations that the promotion is in no way associated with our brand. If you have entered your cell phone number in response to an email that you received for a chance to win a Fashionista Cafe contest, you are an on-going victim of this perpetration, or are now receiving unwanted SMS text messages, we encourage you to contact your phone provider and block the offending phone number.


Facebook and Instagram is offering me a gift card that supposedly is to be valid at Fashionista Cafe. Is this really true?

Unfortunately, a number of fake campaigns and Fashionista Cafe accounts are circulating on Facebook and Instagram giving away gift cards to our customers. We are aware of the problem and Fashionista Cafe is not the only company afflicted. We do not support these kinds of actions and we always report them to Instagram and Facebook to get them closed down as soon as possible and prevent them from spreading even further. We truly apologize for the inconvenience that these fake campaigns may cause our customers.
You will find information about any future contests via our official Instagram (@fc), Facebook (, Twitter ( and Google+ (

Phishing emails

If you receive an email in which you are asked to give us card details or similar information, please be aware that this is not sent by Fashionista Cafe. Fashionista Cafe will only request account information in response to your queries via email or phone, or when there are uncertainties about an order you have placed. We will never ask for bank details by email. Please do not respond to such requests. When we ask for personal data in an email we will always ask you to contact us by phone at 1-800-881-1020, or email We will never ask you to respond via a link.

If you ever receive an email in which you are asked to give specific personal data via a link, do not reply to the email, do not click on the link and delete it immediately.

For questions about emails you can always call our customer service, phone: 1-800-881-1020.


What is a phishing email?

Phishing email messages are designed to steal your identity and/or infect your computer with a virus. They ask for personal data, often by asking you to click on a link and directing you to websites or phone numbers where they ask you to provide personal data. The link will often try to infect your computer with a virus. After that personal details will be misused immediately through such programs as Java and Adobe Flash, for example.